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Sitewise Services


At Sitewise we are equipped to provide civil engineering solutions and groundwork services across Shropshire and surrounding areas. Our team have many years of experience on all types of projects including drainage, concrete, steel reinforcement, steel beams and external works on small and major building, civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

Our main objective in all of our groundwork’s projects has always been to offer quality and assurance to all of our customers.
We are happy to quote for any project, up to £300,000.
We are willing to discuss any job requirements, no matter how unusual.

We have a highly skilled workforce and can provide whatever machinery is necessary for the job.


Examples of work undertaken:


•    Construction of new manholes

•    Septic tanks, road gullies
•    Drains and land drainage
•    Foul and storm water drains
•    New soak aways.

•    Storm water attenuation
•    Land drainage works

•    Concrete Footings

•    Concrete Repairs
•    Concrete Foundations
•    Reinforced Concrete

•    Concrete formwork / shuttering

•    Concrete Pads
•    Chambers and Tanks
•    Basements
•    Roads / Car Parks / Forecourts.
•    Reinforced Ground Beams
•    Concrete Reinforcement Steelwork and Cages

•    Diamond core drilling from 18-162mm